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Yours Techy is a community blog, which is run and supported by several individuals. We have a strong team of authors who post regularly and also a wide variety of articles from a diverse range of guest authors. 

What We Write About

Technology is our core area of writing, however we also post about the computers, the Internet, science, blogging, social media, gadgets and more.
Yours Techy is not a business or a company. We are an organisation of people working together to provide a great blog. You can keep up-to-date with Yours Techy articles by subscribing to our feed, or by following us on social media.

Yours Techy Blog Members: 

Ansari Sharim

Hello there, My Name is Ansari Sharim. Welcome to my Official Blog (Yourstechy.com). In this blog, I will write posts related to tech world regarding new mobile launches, leaks and rumours, smartphone reviews and much more of it.

The idea of blogging came to my mind from my friend's blog, he has a blog about fitness,fashion tips,etc. My motive of blogging is to share my knowledge to the world and also keep up to date with latest tech. I'm currently studying in last year degree in computer engineering and also learning side-by-side to be a Full Stack Web Develpoer. I need your support in blogging and also try my best to improve my content day-by-day.

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