What is Flutter and what you should know about it

Flutter is an amazing technology designed by Google. There are many websites and Mobile Apps which are created in different web programming languages and frameworks. Mobile Apps are developed using several programming languages such as Java, Swift, React Native. React Native uses HTML, CSS & JavaScript and moreover its dependent on JSX.

Flutter is a Mobile SDK meant for designing high performance and high fidelity Mobile Apps for iOS and Android using a single code base. This single code base is going to produce iOS & Android App. Flutter uses their own language called Dart not their language exactly but its not so popular either as well.


The biggest selling point of this Flutter tech is two things i.e. first is their high perfromance app and the second one is high reloading. Dart and Flutter and also React Native are business solutions.

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For e.g : If I took up the apps like Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime, they already have a stable business and they need their iOS and Android App.


Flutter and React native gives business solutions to these companies would hire a singe team so they can have a single code base and can manage their iOS & Android App, it reduces the cost quite a lot as well as managing the team and code base is much more easier.

What is Dart:

Dart is a programming language used by flutter it's relatively unknown for most of the people in fact for me it was really new I never heard about the dart & I came to know about it through Google Conferences which they kept for flutter. I found this language relatively easy its not at all hard language so eventually people are going to learn it pretty comfortably.


Dart uses a C++ Base Engine, it's not an OEM widget dependent so its relatively fast but again the point is not lot of the people are already in the market who knows the Dart. If you're familiar with JavaScript or Java, you will find really comfortable with the dart.

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One thing I like about Flutter is it already comes up with built-in Cuppertino and Material Design. So, whether you're moving completely iOS experience or Android experience that is going to be relatively easy.

I would like to mention that the flutter is behind the schedule of launching the flutter, they could have launched a little bit earlier or at least when React Native was taking their popularity. Already, React Native is so much popular that flutter is going to have really tough competiton in taking the market space as compared to React Native.

Flutter is a really interesting topic and I can talk quite a lot about it in the upcoming posts I will do that. Let me know in the comments section that if you are interested in knowing more about flutter.

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