Top JavaScript Trends and Frameworks in 2019

JavaScript is the most trending and hottest client side scripting language in the market right now. However, JavaScript is not a small language. JavaScript has tons of frameworks which is very fast and light weight. Today I'm going to talk about top JavaScript trends and frameworks in 2019.

As you know Brendan Eich motivated JavaScript in 1995 for Netscape Navigator. It was just as a glue language to handle some simple mouse events. Since then the JavaScript has gone tremendously huge.

Source: Stack Overflow

Recent survey of a Stack Overflow in 2019. JavaScript is still in the first place among different popular technologies in today's world.

1. React:

React is the library for creating User Interfaces. It is created & maintained by Facebook. React came up with a feature called as React Components where the components are nothing but a piece of code which you can plug and play anywhere in the application.


React offers high performance. It uses virtual DOM(Document Object Model). This framework is easy to learn as compared to Angular, Node, etc. React native is used for creating native apps and it offers features such as high performance, hot reloading, single codebase.

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2. Angular:

Angular is created & maintained by Google. It is used to create single page web apps. just like React Angular also follows component based approach. Couple of months before Google comes up with some updates making it even more sustainable and efficient.


It is also the most used JavaScript frameworks in the market now.

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3. Node Js:

Node Js stands proud i.e. it is the only server side Js. As you know JavaScript is mostly dominating in UI or front-end section but it also has left an extremely crucial mark in backend. Node Js is not only high-end performance but also serves as a great tool for real-time web apps e.g. chatting system, online shopping chatbot, etc.


4. Vue js:

The success and the performance of any framework depends on its size. One of the greatest advantage of Vue Js is it's small size. The size of this framework is 18 to 21 KB. Another advantage which makes Vue Js outstanding is it's simplicity, it is very easy to comprehend. It is quite flexible JavaScript framework.


The creator of Vue Js has developed this framework combining the best features of React js and Angular like component based approach, virtual rendering ability,etc. Vue js is a framework which is very high in demand and will continue to rise in coming future.

The Verdict:

  • React & Angular continue to dominate.
  • Node Js remains untouched.
  • Vue js to scale up & compete with others by 2020.
Let me know in the comments section that if you are interested in knowing more these javaScript frameworks.
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