Top in-Demand Technology jobs in 2019

There are lots of students and engineers, some of them are bachelor's searching for technology jobs but they didn't know which jobs to choose. Today, we will discuss about top technology jobs which are in-demand in 2019.

Technology Jobs

1. Cyber Security Engineer:

Technology Jobs

Security is the most important factor in major tech companies and breaching data could be the downfall of the business. Security Engineers are professionals who protect computer and network systems from various hackers, cyber attacks.

This is a profession which at least needs a bachelors degree if this area interests you joining the companies like Information System Security Association(ISSA) can help you up-to-date with trends in information security business as far as salary, it has to be in-between 3.0-4.0 LPA. For this Job you have to study the basics about network topologies, communications and also you have to study the basics of Ethical Hacking to build great future in this field.

2. A.I. Machine Learning Engineer

Technology Jobs

AI is Artificial Intelligence. AI and Machine Learning is probably the hottest job right now. Machine Learning invloves scaling data science algorithms to large data sets. You'll get the chance to work with data scientists and uses a lot of analytical tools and you'll also need to know programming languages like Python.

If you're really good at math algorithms and problem-solving, this is the technology jobs I would recommend going into. You can make a ton of money doing AI and machine learning upto 5.0 LPA. Web Scrapping is also an added advantage for AI Machine Learning Engineer.

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3. Full Stack Web-Developer

Technology Jobs

Full Stack Web-Developer handle working on web projects on both the client side and the server side. It depends on the company and position you're working for. You can make a well over 1100k per year. You have to learn languages like JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python as well as various databases as well as various frameworks of the front-end and back-end. One of the best things about this profession is you can really become successful and get really good job.

4. Data Scientist Engineer

Technology Jobs

Data Scientist has been labeled as the best job in America by Glassdoor. The most important to large tech companies it's basically automation and data like AI and Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists are in high demand.

They basically analyze and interprete complex data and statistics and they consult businesses in decision making based on that data they also work very closely with Machine Learning Engineers who pretty much implement software based on data and analytics they use a lot of tools like a lot of Python based tools and they used platforms like Hadoop and Apache Spark lots of data visualization tools, etc. They also needs to deal with unstructured data. You can make a ton of money doing Data Scientists job upto 6.0 LPA.

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5. DevOps Engineer

Technology Jobs

DevOps Engineer is a pretty broad profession but they usually work with software engineers and system operators to oversee code/version releases they do a lot with testing deployment maintenance, they also have experience with platforms like AWS and Azure they're usually developers.

They also have to deal with automation tools, systems and IT operations. Tons of skills invloved being a DevOps Engineer. You can make a ton of money doing Data Scientists job upto 5.0 LPA.

6. Mobile App Developer

Technology Jobs

Last but not least. Smartphones and other mobile devices aren't going anywhere so mobile developers are always in demand. Since 2016, Mobile and Tablet devices account for higher percentage of internet usage then desktops by now its probably a lot more.

App Developers are gonna work with languages like Java, Swift, C#. Web Developers are getting into this space it's almost a hybrid space because now we can build native mobile apps using technologies like JavaScript, React Native, Flutter and many other web-based frameworks and tools. You can make a ton of money doing Mobile App Developer job upto 5.0 LPA.

What do you think which profession best suites you ?
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