Top Highest Paying Blockchain Jobs in 2019

Ever wonder if there is an easier way to complete transactions without having to deal with online wallets, banks & Third-Party Apps. It's possible because of Blockchain.


The Blockchain is a term that has come to mean many thins to many people. For Developers, it is a set of protocols and set of encryption technologies for securely storing data on a distributed network. For Business & Finance, it is a distributed ledger and the technology underlying the explosion of new digital currencies. Are you a confident programmer & blockchain expert ?


Then, check out these top Blockchain jobs with high paying salaries. The Blockchain technology is evolving as quickly as nothing else in this world. Today, there are hundreds of organizations aiming to implement this technology.

1. Software Engineer:

Any organization getting invloved in blockchain needs experienced programming specialists, making this very highly demanded organizations around the world. What you will definitely need is experience with such languages as Solidity HyperLedger, knowledge of cloud technologies/servers, database management systems.

Most Organizations are looking for people with some certain degree in computer sciences, software design or other science degrees, particularly for jobs with a high salary. Typically, Software Engineers are required in companies working with smart contracts & banking organizations.

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2. Tech Architect:

This position requires specialized technical aptitude with communicative skills. Blockchain architects are responsible for co-ordination & introduction of Blockchain products. They take part on how advancements will be executed & frequently serves as an intermediate between the organizations and the clients to present the product in the best light.

To create applications, a Tech Architect should know coding languages & software engineering degrees are commonly must have for senior positions. Relevant sphere's are cloud & web-based services, digital money & services.

3. Product Manager:

These people help to maintain and promote an app and also responsible for development, coding and distributed of related roles. They co-ordinate the project over various groups, guaranteeing that products are released according to schedule and the budget isn't exceeded.

Programming knowledge is commonly not needed, yet basic knowledge of software and coding languages would be useful. Such a person should know how to lead time-sensitive projects and managing the dev budget. Education needed depends upon the particular products created by each organization.

Corporations are in need of Blockchain product managers that are usually related to advertisement, media, digital currencies & finances.

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4. Risk Analyst:

A risk analyst deals with many tasks including local and governmental laws,. Aside from assessing risks, they help in programming and product improvement, performing information analysis about products or keeping up documentation on innovations and projects.
Strong understanding of the Blockchain technology and certain coding languages are required. Risk analysis works in financial and governmental enterprises.

5. Analyst Relations Manager:

This is a media communication job. An Analyst relations supervisor helps to establish the image of the organization and its innovations on the market. Such person performs the analysis inside the business sphere and make sure that the entire team knows about their employers technologies and have a positive view of the company.

Media interaction, communication, PR or news-casting are required. This position requires some certificate degrees. It is also an high paying job in the Blockchain Technology.

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6. Front-End Engineer:

This is the individual who makes Blockchain products interface and also interacts with client. A Front-End Engineer works on making the menu and functions ideal for a user. Programming knowledge is required and UX/UI design skills is an added advantage.

Blockchain Front-End designers should knows about advanced coding languages. As per requirement, degree in software engineering are useful.

Let me know in the comments section that if you are interested in knowing more of the Blockchain Technology.

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