5 Steps To Improve Programming Skills in 2019

Programming is not an easy task for newbies and students. Some people may find programming very easy while some may find very hard. Today, I have certain steps you can follow to improve your programming skills or logical skills.

Before improving your programming skills, the first you need is a programming knowledge & you must have started with any of the language maybe C, C++, Java, Python, etc. You might be knowing the syntax of it because that's what we do.

Programming Skills

1. Algorithms & Data Structures:

When you learn a language you feel you know everything but that's not the case because when you learn the language you learn the syntax & if you want to implement it. Let's say if I give you a problem statement & you have to convert that problem statement into a code or into a software, it's not a direct process.

First you have to convert that problem statement into a solution and that will be only steps & that's what we call it as algorithms and then we convert that algorithm into code. But, if we talk about big problem statements, first you have to convert it into algorithms & you need practice for that you have to solve some existing algorithms. So, practice those algorithms and also data structures like linked list, binary trees, various traversing techniques because there are some algorithms which works with these data structures.

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2. Read Others Code:

When you learn a language & when you implement that in your own way so If I give you a problem statement, you will write your own code. But sometimes the code which you write is not in the correct way. Sometimes what important is the way you write a code. The compactness, efficiency and there is also a way of any code.
To improve this thing, I would recommend is just see some other people's code and nowadays we have this huge repository called as Github. Try to read other people's code because it might give you a new way of reading code, the same thing you are writing but in a different way. The moment you watch those code's when you see those code's it will make an impact on your brain and it will be helpful for you.

3. Competitive Programming:

The more you compete, the more you you will know how to write a code. If you can compete with people on different websites like HackerrankHackerearthCodechef. What happens is these website they will give you a problem statement and you have to convert that problem statement into a solution i.e. you have to write a code for that problem.

When you submit your code maybe they will not accept it they will reject your code and that's where the learning starts because initially you will get rejected. I got rejected multiple times and later on luckily one of my codes got selected that's what motivates you. You have to take part in competition because it will teach you how to code efficiently.

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4. Explore other Languages:

It might sound weird but don't stick to one language. Try to explore more languages because your language might be best but all the languages have some good things and some and things or some shortcomings.

When you learn another language, it will teach a different way of coding.
Learn some other languages because they have some extra features which you can implement in your language.

5. Build Projects:

Of course right, why you learn a programming language at the end you want to build a project. So, why not start building the project from start. I'm not saying day one, but after learning a programming language we have syntax and then implementing all these steps. It's time for you to build a project. It can be any project doesn't matter. What you can do is build a project for yourself
Eg: If you love music, make a music player. If you love games, make your own game, that will be your first step because when you are doing something for yourself you will feel good about it. If you stuck somewhere, there's multiple way you can solve this, just go to Google and search for your problem. Trust me

Google Knows Everything !!!

After these 5 steps, I have a bonus steps for you which is important to me that is keep following Yourstechy. It will surely help to improve your programming skills
Let me know in the comments section that if you are interested in knowing more of the Programming skills.

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